Kirkstall in bloom voluntary morning

Got a spare hour this morning? On your way to the Kirkstall deli and want to work up an appetite?

We’re meeting at the Drink and be Grateful fountain (at Kirkstall Traffic Lights)  between 11am and 12noon for a spot of weeding and ivy-training.

Hope to see you there.


Kirkstall Community Noticeboard

If you want to advertise your next community event on the Noticeboard at the Drink and Be Grateful Fountain in Kirkstall, please feel free to drop us a line via here, our twitter site or Facebook pages and we can arrange for it to be added to the board. All sites are now managed by the KiB team.


Changes ahoy!

Hello and welcome to the first post in …… oh, over a year! Please bear with us whilst we overhaul our site and make some changes to bring the Bloomers back in style to you in a few weeks.

In the meantime, here’s a spring snap from our Drink and Be Grateful Fountain on Kirkstall Road.


A Wonderful Year for Kirkstall In Bloom

Sunflower Challenge 2013             Kirkstall Festival 2013         The 49 Bus stop area                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The new tubs at the Cenotaph area in Kirkstall – ready for Remembrance Sunday 2013 Check out our … Continue reading

Sunflower Challenge 2013

On the 1st April 2013 some members of Kirkstall in Bloom and other people all over the country planted a Sunflower seed for the Sunflower Challenge 2013 – to see how tall people could grow their Sunflower.

My Sunflower measured 6 foot 11 inches on the measuring day – 12 August 2013.

Here are some photos documenting the story of my (Hannah’s) sunflower.

sunflower sunflower2 sunflower3 sunflower4 sunflower5 sunflower6 sunflower7 sunflower8 sunflower9